MANDY is the first mobile operated automation solution for environmental facilities.


Mandy implements automation technology solutions for mobile and stationary use. This makes it the ideal solution for small and cost-efficient facilities. The controls run locally and are operated via an internet browser on a computer or on a mobile device.

MANDY is the result of careful considerations concerning the environment as well as modern solutions in automation technology.

Martin Liehl

I am Martin Liehl. I have been in the automation business since 1995 and have contributed my expertise to more than 2000 automation technology solutions for 650 companies in 45 countries with an overall value of 25 million euros.

In 2012, I became the father of twins. Very soon, I not only wondered at the capacity of our garbage bin but also whether our way of treating the environment was truly sustainable. I therefore wanted to make a real difference, and I started to focus on automation technology for environmental facilities.

One evening, while driving home from work, I had just turned on the heating in our house via my mobile phone, when a client called me with a request for remote maintenance. I had to tell them to wait, however, because I needed my notebook to deal with that request. And that was when I started asking myself: if we can control home automation via our mobile phones, why not our customers’ facilities?

And this was how we came to develop our mobile control for environmental facilities. In our next team meeting I realized that with our spirit of innovation we could take the lead in mobile operated automation.

MANDY is the result of this process. We enable our customers to operate their environmental facilities in an efficient and resource friendly way. From their mobile phone, of course, entirely flexible.

MANDY makes environmental technology efficient.


MANDY makes environmental technology more efficient, thus helping us keep our environment cleaner more effectively. We create flexibility and make the workflow smoother. Our customers will always have the best solution on the market because we use our innovative strength to continually refine MANDY.

Perfect for customized solutions.

Technical set-up

MANDY is an all-in-one solution for automation technology. The modular structure allows for individual solutions. External systems can be accessed via the connector.

Mobile access to your facility gives you more flexibility.

Mobile operation

Users may choose freely with which terminal device they access their data. With the flexible web interface, your facility can also be easily operated via your mobile phone, and any information concerning its status is readily available and accessible.

With our all-in-one solution we are able to guarantee you a smooth project execution.

All-in-one solution

MANDY is an all-in-one solution in automation technology. With MANDY, we are offering or customers all from one source. Just one point of contact - from planning to service. Straight-forward project execution and clear responsibilities guaranteed.

Thanks to MANDY's modular structure, your facility can be expanded any time.

Modular structure

Facilities change all the time. Because MANDY is a modular system, such changes can be visualised without a problem. This makes your system futureproof and your investment safe.

The data recorded in the system can be evaluated individually and trended.

Data management

MANDY works with preconfigured control elements for individual data evaluation. Depending on the actual facility and requirements, additional information is displayed directly at the graphs.

The export function enables the export of raw data to external programs.

Data export

With just one mouse click on the corresponding control element you can create a CSV file from which the data can be imported into external software like Microsoft Excel or Open Office.

Stay informed with remote alarming.


Remote alarming via email can be configured in the system. Thus the operator will at all times be informed regarding the status of the facility. Push notifications on the smartphone can be activated individually for each terminal device.

Depending on which user is logged into the system, the respective language will be selected.

Language selection

Standard languages are stored in the system to translate the user interface. Additional languages can be added any time as required.

User management can be configured by the operator itself.

User management

Three different groups of users are available:

  • Operators, may set parameters and operate
  • Users, may operate
  • Visitors, may view only

SSL encryption for safe use of the internet


The connection to the facility is established via a mobile network. Data are transmitted with SSL encryption. They are recorded in a database and saved regularly.

»MANDY helps me collect and compost organic waste more efficiently.«


We have developed container composting specifically for the collection and treatment of biodegradable waste. Thanks to the built-in ventilation technology, the composting process commences as soon as the waste is collected from the customer. This considerably shortens throughput times while at the same time enhancing capacities. With MANDY, the operater can access the recorded data any time and intervene whenever necessary. In addition, immediate aeration as well as the design of the containers prevent odorous emissions. Organic waste can thus be collected in an efficient and environment-friendly way.

»Thanks to MANDY, I no longer need to check all the pumping stations locally every day.«


Our water supply plant has several pumping stations at different locations. I had to go and check them regularly on site in order to ensure a trouble-free operation. With MANDY I can now access them anytime and from anywhere. This has greatly reduced travel costs for driving to the various pumping stations. At the same time, it helps protect the environment.

»With MANDY I have control over my biogas plant even while sitting in a cafe.«


As an operator of a biogas plant I normally spent my working days at that plant, checking and controling things regularly. With MANDY I no longer need to be on site all the time. My schedule now is much more flexible, and if I want to, I can control my plant while having a coffee somewhere else. Nowadays, one brief local inspection per day is sufficient - MANDY takes care of the rest.

»MANDY is ideal when it comes to running decentralised container sewage plants.«


Where I come from, villages are numerous but small, and distances are often long. This makes it rather difficult to operate a sewage plant in every hamlet. With MANDY, things are now a lot easier: each village gets its own container sewage plant, and I can take care of them all from one central control room. With just one or two employees, we can operate and service a total of twenty plants.

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